What could be the future of AOL according to the present market?

It is a big question for the users of AOL Email whether their Email id will survive in near future or not. Yes, it is really a relevant question from the user's side as we can see the present situation is in a zig-zag manner and nobody knows that what has written in the future of AOL. As far as the future of AOL it is quite safe and secure and users are required to have patience as AOL is going to survive for a long period of time. 

As from the observance in last few month, the users are finding the chaos in the market on a different level for the AOL, whether it will merge with Verizon or not as recently Verizon moved its Email services to AOL to utilize the AOL server which is quite safe and secure in many ways.

AOL Customer Support :- AOL has the variety of services such as communication services which comprised of AOL Email, AOL Desktop for Mac, AOL Desktop for Windows with AOL App and some more for the users in this segment. In another segment which is related to security, AOL has Data secure software which prevents the cybercriminals to breach the security of the users and helps the users to clean it from the viruses and malware.

Initially in the beginning when AOL was established it was focused on the Internet services but later on, it started the expansion of AOL from all the sides. Its acquisition started in 1994 where it purchased Redgate communications and after that, it never looked back and captured many companies to grow itself in many ways.

This was just a beginning as it evolved itself in a wonderful manner and always remain in a win-win situation whenever it captured any company. It was just a pigmy when started but later on, it proved others a pigmy by acquiring the big shots and became one of the leading Email service provider company in the world with millions of users.

Although it has many feathers in its pocket and services too but its Email services brought it into the limelight as it has various features for the users who can use it with safety and security as AOL server provides complete security to the users while sending and receiving the Emails through encrypted mode in which it converts the Email messages into encrypted mode for the safety reason which can be read by only the sender and receivers.

We can define various features of AOL Customer Service  we will describe only a few of them over here:

Features of the AOL Email:

  •  Using AIM in AOL Mail
  1. The users can access buddy list through this
  2. The users can setup Facebook Chat in this
  3. The users can save IM conversation through this


  •  Managing Your Calendar in AOL Mail
  1. Facility for the users to create their own calendar and can import events from other calendar program
  2. Facility to add to do list in this
  3.  The users can add holiday in this
  •  Creating and Using Folders


  1. Facility for the users to create, rename, and delete the folder in this
  • Saving Emails and Moving Messages
  1.  There is a facility for the users to move their emails into a folder or move back into inbox
  2. Email saving facility is there for the users


  • Searching Your Mail and Using Email Filters
  1.  In this section searching Email facility for the users as well as events and contact
  2.  The users can setup and delete a filter in this section 




We are on to the conclusion part where we have to analyze it that whether is it a fair chance of survival of AOL in near future or it will be just a part of history. Well, these all things are just a guesses as nobody knows what is written exactly in the future as AOL went through many ups and downs in past and came out very strongly. Now this time Verizon acquire it and later o Yahoo also and started a new venture Oath by combining both the companies. We hope that as we had seen the trend of AOL as it comes back very strongly and it happens in past also, that it will survive in a new flavor.